Oberliga: Dresdner SC II - SG 1871 Löberitz


Kristina, Blumen I hate big cities. But they like me, they attract me with their coloured eyes and dirty arms. After some time I must go away. To village, where I cannot hear anything, only heart beating. Additionally I must admit, that after my last trip to Lithuania in October, I felt as if I want to escape to village, and actually, Dresden has character of village with it's xenophoby, high unemployment rates, silent streets in the evening, alcoholism, hopeless faces in the windows... Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is a little bit different - international, open, with rising buildings every month, all the city is surrounded by noice, vibration, cars go day and night...After some time in Dresden, which in reality IS a city, I want to go out. And one day we go to real village, Loberitz, somewhere in the mist. Here we do 'Stadtrundgang', and suddenly I remember my father's house in a silent village. Although Peter says, that he enjoys living in a city, I answer him, that city has one missadvantage - I always must escape. From village too. The best idea is to change places, I think. And that is why Loberitz team feels so good everywhere: they change their location. And if you come from Koln ( city!) to Dresden ( village), and take part also in a weddings party or birthday of grandmummy, cousine or doesn't matter, it makes you feel good. And you all know, whom I ment by this.
Usually on Saturdays I must get up early, I go to work , which is a weekend meeting for girls of age 6 - 10. Teacher's or social worker's job is not easy, I got very tired and thought the following : as I don't play on Sunday, I don't need to go to team's meeting somewhere in Neustadt. I will go to Italian family to eat at 20, later I go to Russian Christmas in student club, and later to sleep.. Okay, in between I decided to meet a team for a while. I called to Elli and asked her, where exactly meeting point is. She answers like my artists friends - well, in the Hauptstrasse, but also not, in short terms, in a near , I will come, but later I meet Loberitz team, they are there. What???? Loberitz? They are there? All my sleepy thoughts dissapeared, I thought, I would like to meet this mysterious team. That they have a mystery, I felt, and I had to found out the truth about their team. Well, but to go to church in the evening seemed also an attractive idea. Well, admitted I sadly, God is more important then some team from a village. At least church has an address, and artistic explanation of a meeting point made me disappointed. After evening mass I was torn to peaces - I was very tired and very hungry, on the other hand, I wanted to meet mysterious people very much. I thought - I go for a half an hour, and later I do my evening program. Well, I was looking for a pub almost half an hour. I passed by once, but I found finally. There were only 5 chess players from Dresden. What a pity! They explained, that Elli was away. And her mobile phone also was off-line, ya, she has really an artistic soul, I was thinking to myself. I got more and more hungry, but as Italian Mama was preparing meal, I thought, I will survive. Suddenly there came Elli, she said something, that Loberitz team is already away , sleeping or something, that was again very pity... In my evening program there interrupted one friend, asking me to meet at 21. In short terms, I was going home, disappointed and tired and hungry. As we were splitting, suddenly Elli asked - maybe you want to meet a team, they are there round the corner.


Mikly, older man, Kristina Imagine, you, typical German guy, who could make your perfectly planned evening to be changed? You plan everything, you don't let 'expromt' to rule your life! What is luck, that I am not German!! And if I try to act as a German ( to plan everything) , there are artistic interruptions to prove me, that I am on the right way not planning anything! Later everything was like this: we entered some funny Italian bar, and I remember everything like in a film. By the round table there were sitting mysterious people from a village! They were the same, they looked the same, and the fantastic atmosphere was all around, above, outside and inside. Some critic can ask me : and you tell such things about the team, who won against you on the 28th of November?! Well, dear critic, first, personally I have won, and very easy, and I was almost sleeping by the table ( if my opponent knew it!), because I couldn't sleep before this match, I was thinking about the life and a lot of things, writing , reading...So I was not angry with this team. It was very nice match, because I could also see, how windows of school and Kindergarten are decorated. It is a professional disease - teacher cannot relax even on Sunday, everything must be watched. I have got an inspiration to make some similar stars of paper and natural materials in my job. In short terms, this match and Loberitz I liked very much, also it was few days after my birthday, and everything was fantastic, because the life is fantastic. This is my opinion, you can have another, of course. So, we - Elli and I - were met with bright and not performed smiles, we sat down, and my evening started. Guess, if I went to visit Marta at 20 , Irenijus at 21 and disco at 22? Forget! I couldn't go away, because there was this indescribable atmosphere. I will not repeat all our topics, because after some time they are not interesting anymore. The most interesting thing was, when I found out the mystery of a team. The members were from all over the Germany! That was a case! And a guy, which stucked in his grandmother's wedding party ( we were jocking all the time about grandy's wedding party), was from Koln! Mama mia! When I said, that I will die of hunger, in few minutes one small plate was sent round the table and was fulfilled with spaghetti, ravioli etc. I mean, it is wow! They have a communion sense, they have senses at all, these Germans, I thought to myself, and I said it loudly. I wanted to order something, but Elli was afraid, that her plate will be enormous, and she cannot eat it alone. So I ate something, but if you want to know truth, I was completely hungry! And as a waiter was bringing meal in an hour, I thought, better it is not to eat, better is to drink some beer. Some dark beer. In few minutes I have got bright beer. Yes, the service in this restaurant was very funny. And a toilet, said one older man from a team. As he works with toilet systems, he knows, what a distance should be, when you go for a ...... . Unbelievable! They started to discuss about toilet! That was totally relaxed company, and even more, all the serious topics they translated into the language of jokes. For example, my serious explanations about distant Russian culture or smokers and not smokers rooms in a EU regulations - they made jokes! It was something histerical in this sense of humour, I must admit. And both teenagers were dying of histerical joy and laughed as if they were to breath a special gas of laugher. It reminded me of a work at school, when some of boys were shaking of uncontrollable laughing. I decided to make an experiment - if my pedagogical skills are still active or not anymore. I said to one of the teenagers ( and really with a tone of real teacher) - that people must feel borders, and if they don't feel, somebody must say that. Unbelievable! At the same moment he became silent and sad. I started thinking again about teacher's career. For a while of course. To tell truth, in teacher's job the most shocking thing are these unadequate reactions of teenagers.
There was one more thing - a topic of a trip to Lithuania!! They want to visit Dana in Latvia, and if you ever looked to European map ( I doubt very much, I think, some 90 percent of people there don't know anything about neighbouring town), yes, if you ever looked, so you can see, that you can go to Latvia through Lithuania. Luckily, these guys have looked at map before. Once. But I would also recommend to look to historical books and maps there. And big look being shocked by our history. Then you would understand, why I cannot write Russian or why I don't know, what soljanka is. And you really know, whom am I addressing these words!
Dear Loberitzers! If I am at this time in Lithuania, you have me as a guide, but don't ask me about soljanka, because I really doubt if we have some Russian restaurant. I know, where the best Lithuanian meals are and where is the best place to swim, fishing or partying. I know how to go to historical places, because I don't know what soljanka is!! I love my country and I know a lot about it. I know something of Latvia and Finland, and Poland, because these are the countries of similar culture! This is the thing to remember, if you go to Lithuania. And never say 'Ostsee', say Baltic sea. And don't ask about our language. Better learn now - we speak Lithuanian, and it belongs to Baltic group of languages. We are balts and we are proud. Uh, I am a teacher...


Simon, Leo Were there more topics? Dana? Uh, I haven't met here since European championship in Warsaw. So what can I say? I think if she reads all these thoughts, she could find an answer to her question. That I am all year long in Germany, so it was not very difficult to get into team. But if to say an exact answer, the history is as follows: I got to this team without moving a finger, how we say in Lithuania. One day I have got an e-mail from Elli. There she writes : dear Kristina, as you always said, that you like to play chess, I have just registered you to our men team, here is the list, and big luck! This is Elli, I told you! She has really an artistic soul. If to name women chess friends, it was Egle Morkunaite. She was from Lithuania. Why I say 'was'? Because since 2001 she lives in USA. Both 'teenagers' and their life story ( 'we always were together, we know each other since...') reminded me of Egle. She writes me, she calls me, but it is not the same. After she left, I stopped playing so much chess, because she was always the one, who made me pack my things and go to chess tournament. We were also laughing histerically, we were jumping out of the window in the middle of a night in case to go swimming in complete darkness, and we managed to motivate one grandmaster to do the same!! We could swim with clothes in the Baltic sea in Liepaja ( Latvia), we could hitch - hike to tournament 600 km. At the moment I am glad, that I play chess again, I am very glad with players in Dresden, and especially I am glad to be a chess player after meeting Loberitz team on weekend!! I don't know, if Dana knew our crazyness, but what I can say, that already 3 year ago she was more serious than us. Egle and I - were dreamers, we dreamt about better world, where women are strong, where women can go in the middle of a night and not to be afraid of anything. Maybe our dreams came truth - she is in USA, I have spent one year in Germany - in better society for women. Here I play football with men, and they don't do any exceptions for me. If they do, so only as for a bad player. You know, football is not very popular in Lithuania...Also here I can wear what I want, and in Lithuania you are always expected to look like woman, to talk like a woman, to be weak - what a ...!! I like , I really adore Germany for a chance to be free here as a human being. Also both - Egle and I - had parents, which set us under pressure. They tried to rule our lives, to tell, what is black, and what is white. But they didn't accept us as personalities. Only being away from influences I understood, how important for me chess are , and how important is our 'gens una'. These are my small improvisations to theme ' women chess'. Elli...She is nice, very nice. We had also funny conversation. As I said to her, that I have been to Nicolaus party at the university, she reacted :'If I only knew, that you went! Why didn't you call me?!' To call to Elli going into disco? Well...'I am still young, didn't you know that?'. Yes, you are, Elli, but I think, I am very childish, so I forgot, that you are only few years older.
If you only could see later, what an influence both teenagers did to me!


Well, let us come back to Italian restaurant. As we were discussing about food, somebody decided to show me, what Knodels are. Actually, they are nothing special, it is only white bread with improvisations - that is what I said loudly. As one teenager was angry with me because of critic, in the Check restaurant I felt down on my knees and asked for forgiveness. His good mood came back, he forgave me. I was also making some hear dress to another teenager, because he has well looking hair. There must be some photos, I am sure. As you can see, I was already in a teenagers' mood. As we came to the restaurant, I was made to taste some 'knodels', but it was only white bread, which I don't eat. Finally I made myself to do it, I heard applause, but results were not very good... I really cannot eat white bread. Also if it has some another name. Suddenly I kicked somebody's leg under the table. Bingo! It was long haired teenager! I made him suffer all the rest of the time, but he was not so angry. For good bye I showed to teenagers some self - defence motives.( Dear teenagers, please write me some time, I missed you very much!) The evening was over.


Zwei Dorfmannschaften im Duell: Dresden vs. Löberitz As I came next day to Treff hotel, I only saw, how Elli won, that was incredible. The teenager with long hair was laughing while seeing me.
As you were very sad loosing 2 games at the same time ( one to Elli, another to Shmirin), our good bye was not very nice. But I hope, we all meet again - if not in Germany, so in Lithuania eating Zepelins and drinking beer Svyturys.
P.S. As I don't remember any name, I made some nicknames as 'teenager' etc. You could write names at comentars. If you have some photos to my text...you can combine.


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